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List of songs that our idols sang in each episode immortal song 2

July 4, 2011

EPISODE 1: (All from Shim Soo Bong)


Jonghyun  – One Way Back (by Park Sunju, 1989) and A Million Roses

Yesung  – Mother (by Shin Sungwoo) and I Don’t Know Anything But Love

IU – Good Person (by Toy) and Men Are Boats Women Are Harbors

Hyorin – Goose’s Dream (by Carnival, 1994) and That Time That Person

Yoseob  – Mom (by Ra.D, 2008) and Hate You

Changmin – First Impression (by Kim Hyunmo, 1994) and Because of a Woman




Ji Eun – Friends (by Park Hyo Shin)

Yoseob – With You Forever (by Lee Moon Sae)

Jonghyun – Left-Hander (by Panic)

Changmin – Nest (by Nam Jin)

Yesung – One Man (by Kim Jong Kook)

Hyorin – Memories (by Lady T)


EPISODE 3: (All songs from Boohwal)


Jonghyun – ‎Lonely Night (1997)

Changmin – ‎Never Ending Story (2002)

Hyorin – HeeYa (1985)

Yesung – The More That I love You (1993)

Ji Eun – Reminiscence3 (1987)

Yoseob – HeeYa (1985)




Ji Eun – Dream (by Lee HyunWoo,1992)

G.O. – Love Is A Cold Temptation (by Yang SuKyung,1991)

Changmin – Jealousy (by Yoo SeongBeom,1992)

Hyorin – If It’s Like Tonight (by Park JungWoon,1991)

Hongki – My Love, Stay With Me (by Kim HyunSik,1991)

Junsu – You Inside My Dim Memory (by Hyun JinYoung,1992)


EPISODE 5 (All songs from Min Haekyung)

G.O. – You’re Love Is Enough

Hongki – You’re Laughing Like A Doll But

Junsu – I Wanna See Your Face

Changmin – You’re Laughing Like A Doll But

Hyorin – Mini Skirt

Ji Eun – Whose Life Is It Anyway?

Source : Immortal song facebook


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